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Little by Little

Autobiography, Penguin, 1987, 233 Pages

Jean Little has led an extraordinary life. Nearly blind from birth, she had what her friends called "bad eyes". Subjected to ridicule, rejection and bullying, she often withdrew into a world of her own—the world of her imagination.

But she still had to live in the real world, to struggle to make a place for herself, to find friends, even to attend regular classes. Encouraged by her parents, she began to write poetry and stories. By the time she was seventeen, her poetry had been published in a national magazine, and after that she never looked back.

Honest, moving and sometimes very funny, this is an unforgettable account of the joys and pains of childhood and growing up, of family and of love.

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Stars Come Out Within

Autobiography, Penguin, 1990, 260 Pages

The second part of the autobiography of Jean Little, author of such works as "Mine for Keeps" and "Once Upon a Golden Apple." Picking up where "Little by Little" left off, this book focuses on her adult life. The author describes how she slowly lost her sight, adopted a beloved seeing-eye dog named Zephyr, and was able to continue creating novels by using a talking computer. Illustrated with black and white photographs.



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